Kareoke's Treasures


                Hello, my name isn't realy Kareoke it is Doris, and I was born in England many years ago.

                I always feel lucky to be here. I was the 14 child, there was one more after me, I had

                seven sisters and seven brothers.


                            I was the first GI bride to arrive in the town I have made my home since 1945

                             I only have one sisters left, and living in England, my parents passed away

                                                                    at the ages of 86 and 91 


                                                            My Husband passed away in 1986 




                     In order for my children, and their children to know what my life was like growing up

                              in England, and of the family I left back there,I have writen them a book

                                                                       "Past and Present"


 In case someone is reading this that came to America the same time as I did, or maybe their Mother,

 the ship I arrived on was an U. S. Army Hospital ship called the Larkspur. it was renamed the Bridgport.



                      My favorite pastime in the summer is definitely working with my garden flowers,
                       I also like, Fishing,  Golf flea markets, and most definitely love dancing, and
                       some nights go to Kareoke and sing, at  least thatswhat I call it, if you heard me

                       maybe you would not agree, but I love life, and  enjoy it all.






                                   Mrs Bucket


               This is my favorite English comedy, you can see more pictures

               from the show here.





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