In My Home Town

I was born in Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk England, and this was my playground, to see the flowers in person is unbelievable


                                                                            This is The Abbey Gardens



   Abbey Gardens has become well renowned for its colourful and attractive displays and visitors

                                                come from all  over the world to see it.

              Today, approximately 20,000 plants are bedded out in the spring for the summer display

                                plus 12,000 plants and 20,000 bulbs in the autumn for the spring display.




 The Rose Garden, Donated, and maintained by an American Serviceman 

                  In return for the hospitality he recieved from the town.


                                                                                       The Sensory Garden

                                      The first ‘Blind Garden’ was built in 1990 and was designed to provide

                                          interest for the visually impaired through scented plants and herbs.

                                    And this is the school I attended


Guildhall Feoffment School

THE HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL The School opened on Monday 3rd July 1843 as the Guildhall Feoffment Poor Boys School, thirty boys being the first pupils. The school was built on land owned by, and with the money provided by, the Guildhall Feoffment Trust. The Trust has initiated and supported many charitable causes in Bury St Edmunds since it’s formation under the terms of the Will of Jankyn Smythe, a 15th century merchant of Bury St Edmunds. It is from this Trust that the School’s name is taken. From the original thirty children the School numbers grew until, at the turn of the century 240 boys were being taught in the present hall. Ninety years after it’s opening, a major extension was completed to allow the School to provide education for boys and girls up to the age of fourteen. The school celebrated 150 yrs. July 1993

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