Never To Be Forgotten


                                                                            A Time For Prayer



                                   United we stand, United we pray.
                               for those we have lost,  on this fatefull day.
                                    No one will know the anger we feel,
                                we hide it in prayer, we keep it conceled, 
                              But know in your heart that God will prevail,
                            He is there when you need him, He will not fail,
                            to guide those in charge, to show them the way, 
                                  To make all remember this tragic day
                           And when this day passes, and the ashes are gone,
                               we will raise our voices in a well known song,
                                  To be heard across the land and the Sea.
                                     God Bless America, Land of the Free


                           As with all trials and tribulatians America has endured, we shall overcome this too,

                                                      we are a nation that is Strong, and Proud.


                                                                    God Bless The USA

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