Friends Remembered


                 Savoo 1997


      A very gentle man, he never made it to Vegas but he got a 60+ shirt.

                                                                                     Here was a lady so full of life
  Never compained , or talked of her plight.
                                                             She came in the room, a smile on her face.
                                                               Ready to challenge the guys to a race.
                                                         She caused much laughter, I am sure she shed tears,
                                                                  But we never saw them over the years.
                                                                  She was a fighter, one heck of a gal.
                                                               whoever came into the room was her pal.
                                                             She loved golf, from which, nothing detered
                                                            She bought a Big Bertha, it was bigger than her.
                                                                    Small in stature but big of heart,
                                                                  who's life we all became a small part.
                                                            The Cancer that claimed her was her private war,
                                                                  Some in the room never knew it before.
                                                                So come in the room, keep it gay,keep it light
                                                            The way she would want it, if she were there tonight.
                                                                  Now she has left us, remember her name.
                                                            Lynn Armstrong our friend, at peace once again.
                                                                                                              by Kareoke.


Witchey November 1999
                                      The famouse dress split so high  
                      We teased and kidded about showing her thigh.  
                     But she was a lady, and will be greatly missed,  
                     A friend, who helped all, when put to the test.  
                       In the 60+ chat she was all fun and games,  
                      Knew everyone there, and called them by name.  
                        And now in real life she has passed away.  
                         But in our hearts she will always stay  
                          We think of you often, we always will   
                            Goodby WITCHY, we love you still.  
                                                by Kareoke


                              <><><><> Robby747<><>2001<><><><>



Bluebird has found her wings
     Our friends in the chat room use'handles'  
               and Bluebird was her first 
             She used a little bluebird sitting on a tree branch perch. 
             She told us of her family, of which she was so proud, 
             sometimes using  print real big, like shouting it out loud. 
             Then changing her handle to GABBY she said 'it's more like me' 
             But she was a quiet lady with pride and dignity. 
             For when we met in Vegas,  this gal with a southern drawl 
             was shy and very excited,and not real gabby at all. 
             It is sad to lose such a real good friend,  
             we will miss her in the chat 
             And whenever we see a bluebird, we will feel that she is back. 
             She found her wings, and heads for home, this life is at an end. 
             It was a privilege Gabby, for us to call you FRIEND. 
                                   by Kareoke

  We chat, we laugh, we cry.  But whatever it is we do, we do it together,
  For that is the meaning of FRIEND   Today we mourn such a friend, her name was Patsy  Best friend to some, a new friend to other's   We will smile when we remember  certain things that were said between us, and there will be some tears, BUT if you knew Patsy you will also know she  would expect the chat to go on as usuall, remember her with  laughter not sadness, and greet new members as she   would have, with a smile and a genuine "hello, good to  see  you" 

        This is Shirly, better known to all the 60+ chat
            room as 3cats.she passed away this

       November 2003 and will be sadly missed by all.

                                               I "borrowed" this picture of Twink from her home page, but
                                    I am sure she will not mind, she was a  very good friend, not only to me but

                       to so many in the chat rooms, she spent hours on her home page, and sending cheerfull emails to us
                                          all every day, to cheer us up. she will be sadly missed by all.


                                                                                         HOMER(chat handle Woody)

There was  great sadness when we heard of the sudden  
passing of Homer, he did not come in the room very often but he met, 
  fell in love, and married one of our favorite chatters "sugar"  
They were on a dream vacation when he was suddenly taken from her.  
Rest In Peace

                                                It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all in Vegas,
                                        but time has a way of sneaking up on you, and once again we must
                                    say goodby to a good friend, and chat member, she was a lovely person,.
                                         and very funny, I am sure everyone heard about her Turnip Wine.
                                                                   you are sadly missed

                                   Pinky was a fun loving person and her passing was sudden. 
              She left the USA to visit her homeland, Ireland, and there she met and fell in love with Paddy,

                they spent their time raising horses. she will be missed by many friends in the 60+ chat room.

Rest easy PINKS.

         Norma, The paper lady. We will miss her, and the paper delivery stories, the  customers,weather, the
       cars breaking down,(that happened often) her screeching birds driving her crazy, but she loved them,

      and her husband and family.
                                                               You were taken too soon



                       Blue Velvet,a fun loving, outspoken "Love me for who I am "type of gal,
                      Very active in 60+ until things got tough for her healthwise.the year she
                     went to Vegas we had a blast.You were NEVER blue, but you were always smooth as Velvet.

Rest In Peace

                                                                     A fairly newcomer to the chat room but he brought a 
                                                                  lot of smiles, and he will be missed.


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing

 of Joan, known as Bumpkin in the chat room,

 she is sadly missed. 

             His handle in the chat room says it all.


          he had one, it was big, and he shared it with

        all of us, he will be missed,and I am sure talked

          about with a lot of fond memories.


This is Bun, to everyone in the chat room
she was their friend, confidant,and buddy, she was
the kind of person you felt at ease with, she always
had a happy outlook, with witty remarks,
  she always called me her "TWIN"
it was just that we were born about twenty years apart,
and in different country, that was Bun.
She will be sadly missed by us all, like the saying
goes "to know her is to love her" we always will.
You can count on one thing, she will have a chat room up there,
and when I leave here I plan to join her.
God Bless You Lady




                                                      This is Karla doing her favorite thing, chatting.
                  Karla passed away yesterday,she will be very much missed in the chat room, she always had 
                 such beautiful pictures of flowers by her handle, and she was in the room several times a day.

             This is 1Gear, he had a long battle but never gave up his smile, and now he is at rest. 

No place is too far away to join a chat room, Laurie was from Australia, once she joined our room we had another good chatter, she was always ending her day as we started ours but she still had time to chat,  she joined us when we had a chat room get together in Vegas. She was a very good artist, and showed some of her work in the chat room.

We are never prepared for the passing of a friend but we were lucky to have had her in the room.

                                                                           Rest in peace

Today we must say goodby to a dear friend, This is Ken, he has been a chat member for many years with his wife Barb, and has been quite the jokester about the fact that they are Ken and Barbie.

                                       REST  IN  PEACE  KEN


October 2011

There wasn't much that Johnny enjoyed more then the chat room except maybe his feline buddy Archie. Johnny could be depended upon to always be the first into the room for the afternoon chat. And Archie wasn't far behind perching himself near Johnny so as not to miss a word  We will miss you both.

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